Weekend in Kingston

As much as I love the city, nothing is better than getting out of the city. For one, it makes you actually appreciate the city when you're there, and it allows for endless hours of inspiration and decompression. The little cluster of towns in the Hudson Valley of Woodstock, Kingston, Hudson, etc. is a dream of great food, farms, antiques, vintage, and a lack of constant technological assault.

This weekend in particular I found a great 4 story antiques/rummage barn, visited with a family owned Maple syrup farm, the New Beginnings Farmstead -- ridiculously sweet family running everything themselves with nearly 2,000 taps by hand. Had a great meal at Duo in downtown Kingston - and finally discovered a great distillery thanks to the Kingston Farmers Market, Hudson Valley Distillers Clear Mountain Gin -- some of the best I've had! 

Make sure to check out and support local businesses when traveling anywhere - you're sure to get a more intimate experience while supporting the economy in a more direct way. 

Cameron GardnerComment