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Where We're Going...


We as people are becoming more aware of what we're purchasing and consuming; where is it from? Who made it? Why? I've spent the last year answering those questions myself, and the most important question - what does this mean to me? 
I wanted to maintain my initial support of domestic production with a global vision, while expanding resources to create items that were more reflective of my personal tastes and sense of humor. 




Born + Raised Michigan
Educated Los Angeles
Work NYC

Cameron has designed for Tory Burch, Anne Klein, Ann Taylor, Land's End, Nicopanda, India Hicks, Hickey Freeman, and Jones New York.



A Truly American Story

Cameron's story is a truly American experience. His Mother (pictured above) was the first female firefighter in Michigan, her father was a firefighter, and her brother would become the Fire Chief. Cameron's father is a retired 30 year veteran police officer, his grandparents fought in WWII and his Uncle is a decorated Marine. His sixth great-grandfather, Dwight Ankeny, arrived to the U.S. in Philadelphia on The Neptune from Switzerland and with his three sons fought in the Revolutionary War, all survived.
His grandmother's family immigrated from Germany prior to WWII making their way from New York to Ohio, running for and holding local political office along the way. 
His family's story is quintessentially American, with hard work and determination they left an undeniable mark  wherever they went. 



Growing up in West Michigan, Cameron was more interested in music, dance, and clothing than most of his (ok all) of his peers.
He grew up playing the piano, trumpet, and french horn - his youth was whole-heartedly dedicated to music performance. 
Upon his insistence, Cameron also grew up taking tap, jazz, and reluctantly ballet - to say the least it was clear he was excelling in the arts. 
Although acutely aware of fashion, having in fourth grade demanded Calvin Klein Jeans in specifically requested colors for Christmas - it was in High School where he began to design. Making garments and accessories for his sisters, and eventually sketching his first (embarrassing) designs.
Although it wasn't clear to him then it was evident he would find himself somewhere creative.